Welcome to my Studio Site!

This is just a brief English excerpt of the most important information within this site, as  the major part of the contents and its photos should be self-explaining. Anyway, please do not hesitate to contact me for any questions.

About the Studio

In February 2015 I was happy and lucky to find a studio outside of Munich at my favourite lake, which I officially opened in July 2015 with a permanent exhibition of my paintings: "BODY LANDSCAPES. Man as Object of Arts".


Apart from the fact, that you're always welcome, I installed official opening hours for visitors, too, which are usually:

  • Wednesday, Saturday  &  Sunday, from 4 till 7 pm

This will allow you to come and look around spontaneously and thus perhaps complete your weekend planning and sightseeing tour around the lake by a side trip to my studio. You may also call me to fix an individual date.


The studio itself is pretty easy to find as it’s situated at Starnberg’s main street, near the church square. From Starnberg’s main station S6, which stops directly at the lake, the studio can be reached by foot in 5 minutes only.

About  Me and my Works

Paintings, Caricatures, Frames, "Modern Vintage" = Upcycling, Upgrading, and much more...

Generally speaking I do appreciate creating things with my own hands. Furthermore I like natural materials like leather and wooden objects. In combination with my passion for antiques it was a corollary to start up-cycling them by making  "New from Old".  Even more because "old things with a lot of untold (hi)stories" often have an excellent quality which must be kept - all the more because we live in a throwaway society.  I just call my way of treatment "Modern Vintage". Not to be mixed up with this excessively used idiom "shabby chic" - because "my Modern Vintage" is  "chic" but not "shabby" at all!


In respect to my painted works I must say, that I'm painting and drawing since I was able to hold a pencil. As a child I was keen on painting animals, as a grown up I preferred the human species, as you will unambiguously recognise under my label ArtBoxMunich.


I will always show the latest works on this website, and  you'll also have the chance to see at least some of them "live" in the Starnberg Studio.


In comparison to my paintings, my passion for drawing stick figures is still rather young. It was born by pure chance while writing down true stories in a - hopefully - funny way. In order to underline or to strengthen my creative writing, I simply created stick figures.


I hope you'll have as much fun watching them as I have while painting them.


There is much to discover

All from one artistic hand!